'State-Society Relations in China'


China Studies Centre Ocassional Lecture Series -15th September 2016

'State-Society Relations in China'



Workshop on 'Governance in China: a comparative assessment' for CSC PhD Scholars 16th September 2016


About the Speaker

Dr. Chen Jinying is Associate Professor at the School of International Relations and Public Affairs, Shanghai International Studies University, P.R.China. She received her PhD in Political Science from Fudan Univtersity. She was previously based at the Munk School of Global Affairs, University of Toronto (2013-2014) as an exchange scholar under the “China-Canada Exchange Scholar Program". Her research interests cover Sino-Indian Relations, Contemporary Chinese Politics, State-Society relations in China and India, chiefly. Her recent publications include a book titled Social Structure and Party System: Transition of Indian Predominant Party System (in Chinese).

Dr. Chen Jinying, Associate Professor at the School of International Relations and Public Affairs, Shanghai International Studies University




Feedback About the Talk and the PhD Workshop

The talk on “State Society Relations in China” was a very informative one. It was surprising to know that 60 % of China’s GDP is due to the activities of Private Sector and that China encourages the NGO’s in the state, especially in case of Environmental Protection. I understood how the social structure of China has an extensive history from the feudal society of imperial China to the contemporary era. It was an appreciating move when China introduced Weibo as a major source of commentary for the online posting in breaking the news and serving as an outlet for expressing disapproval of the government.

IV year, Dual | Dept. of Civil Engineering

The workshop offered a platform for doctoral students to engage in a very comprehensive as well as informative discussion with Dr Chen Jinying.  The objective of this workshop was not limited to the constraints of a general dialogue on China’s socio-political and economic trajectory, while Dr Chen Jinying graciously enlightened the participants on the nuances of research methodology and academic writing. However, the major focus of the workshop was to widen the perspectives of the students in understanding the nature of state-society relations in both India and China. This workshop covered three specific topics such as the governance and development issues, the rule of law vs. rule by law debate and the nature of state’s censorship and its response to collective resistance in China. The design of the workshop as well as the choice of topics endeavoured to train the participants and enable them to categorically engage in theoretical debates.


PhD Scholar


The seminar and workshop conducted by Prof Chen Jingying under China Studies Center was an eye-opener for those who are studying China. For me, who is studying India-China relations, it was specifically important as the professor outlined how state society relation are evolving in China and gave insights into how China was viewing India. Was quite surprised of how much the professor had known about India.


PhD Scholar