Research Scholars

Nidheesh S

A Research Scholar at IIT Madras, he is currently working with Dr.Solomon Benjamin. He has an M.Phil in Comparative Literature from University of Hyderabad. His research concentrates on the urban spaces where he broadly focuses on Hong Kong's fishing community and the transformation of coastal spaces.

Athira Anand

A PhD Scholar, China Studies Centre, IIT Madras, she is currently working with Dr.Joe Thomas Karackattu. She has an M.A in Political Science from University of Calicut, Kerala. Athira has completed Intermediate level in Mandarin  in Shanghai school of International Affairs, Shanghai, China. Currently she is working on India-China Relations.

Ashna Joy

A PhD Scholar at China Studies Centre, IIT Madras, she is currently working with Dr. Joe Thomas Karackattu. She holds an MPhil in Defence and Strategic Studies from Madras University. Ashna has four years of teaching experience. During her internship with Institute of Social Science, New Delhi, she worked on a Research Paper titled “India’s foreign policy in South Asia with special focus on India and Nepal”.

Ramnath Reghunadhan

A PhD Scholar at IIT Madras, he is currently working with Dr. Joe Thomas Karackattu on: Science, Technology and Innovation. He is the recipient of 'Mira Sinha-Bhattacharjea Award 2019' for best paper from Institute of Chinese Studies (ICS), New Delhi, and is also a reviewer in journals like UK-based International Migration (Wiley) and US-based Sage Open (Sage). Earlier, he has interned at the Centre for Air Power Studies (CAPS), Western Air Command Headquarters (New Delhi), and has background and training on theorisations in the field of international relations, policy-related governance, physics and technology. Prominent journal publications include Asian Affairs, Strategic Analysis, Women's Link Journal, Asian Security and International Affairs, Journal of Black Studies as well as chapters in Springer, Elsevier, Vij Publications etc. Email:

Gokul K S

A PhD Candidate in International Relations at IIT Madras, he is currently working with Dr. Sonika Gupta in the area: Politics of Visual Narratives and Tibetan Exiles. Gokul co-curates Tibetscapes and is a contributing author to Global South Colloquy,Countercurrents and The Cue. He can be reached at

Sharon Koshy

A PhD Candidate working in the area of International Relations at IIT Madras, she works under the supervision of Dr. Sonika Gupta. She has previously worked on women’s rights in the West Asian context. Currently, her broad areas of interests are gender and Tibetan studies. She loves to spend her spare time doing cartography and writing poems

Lalitha M.

A PhD scholar in the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, IIT Madras working with Dr. Solomon J Benjamin. She has done her Masters in Sociology from Hyderabad Central University (2017-2019), Hyderabad (India). She has a Bachelor degree in Mathematics (2014-17) from Stella Maris College, Chennai (India). Her current research is in Urban Studies, studying settlements along the major waterbodies in Chennai. The research interests include: Land distribution, Housing, Spatial and social segregation, Idea of city