Jayshree Borah


Jayshree Borah is a Doctoral Candidate, Centre for China Studies, IIT Madras, working with Dr.Sonika Gupta. She has an M.Phil in Chinese Studies from University of Delhi. She was a Research Assistant at the Institute of Chinese Studies, New Delhi. She worked on various projects related to foreign policy and diplomacy at the ICS such as “India- China Database with Reference to the Boundary Dispute”, ‘The Diplomacy of India & China Content, Capacity and Methods’ etc. Her areas of interests are Chinese politics, foreign policy and ideology, leadership, and India-China comparison. Jayshree also learned Mandarin, she has completed Level II in Mandarin.

Recent Research Highlights:

  • Global Norm Setting Behaviour and China: A way towards Creating a New Global Order, 11-12 March, 2016, Association of Political Science Kerala, India.
  • India and Asian Leadership, the Diplomat, 08 May 2015.


  • Yan Xuetong, Ancient Chinese Thought, Modern Chinese Power, edited by Daniel A. Bell and Sun Zhe, translated by Edmund Ryden. Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2011 in China Report, February 2015, Vol.51, No-I, 84-86, doi-10.1177/0009445514560109.


Research Interests:

Foreign Policy, India-China Relations, Chinese Politics, China and the North East of India.



Jayshree Borah

Research Student (China Studies Centre)

Research Guide: Dr.Sonika Gupta

Email: jayshreebrh@gmail.com