Guest Lecture

“Social Transformation in China;Economic Growth & Nutrition in Urban and Rural Areas”


This talk will discuss economic and social transformations in China's recent past arguing that  'rapid economic growth', especially  since the early 2000s,  has been stalked by  deteriorating food consumption and nutritional levels in rural China . Given such a  context, the relationship between economic growth and income distribution and the sharp overall  divergence between urban and rural food consumption and nutrition levels is supported by clear statistical  evidence .

About the Speaker

Dr. Sriram Natrajan is an independent consultant on economics, development and statistics, with a focus on food and agriculture in Asia. He has consulted on economics and statistics in international organizations such as FAO and ILO and taught economics and development in India and Thailand and lectured in various academic institutions. The development experiences in Asia, in particular China and India, have been the focus of his research over the years. He completed his Doctoral Study on ‘Agrarian Change and Rural Transformation in China: China’s Development Experience Since 1965’ from Centre for Economic Studies and Planning, Jawaharlal Nehru University.

Dr. Sriram Natrajan
Independent China Scholar
132, HSB, China Studies Centre, IIT-Madras
China Studies Centre, IIT-Madras