Shanghai International Studies University (SISU) Visit

Junior and senior undergraduate students from the Shanghai International Studies University (SISU) visited the Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS) department between 22nd and 28th April 2015. The visit was planned to provide an opportunity for students from India and China to better understand each other - within classroom settings and outside of it


Prof. Shuyong Guo, Dean of School of International Relations and Public Affairs (SIRPA) at SISU headed the delegation of 9 students. The visit comprised a core academic immersion component where the visiting students had the opportunity to audit courses relating to China, Urban studies, Conflict, Human rights, and Environmental economics, among other options.



Apart from classroom interactions with their Indian friends, the delegates also had the opportunity to interact with ‪Prof. Malathy Duraisamy‬, Head, HSS department, and other faculty members. ‬

In his interaction with the HSS faculty members, Prof. Guo outlined the origins of SISU, the emergence of the School of International Relations and Public affairs (SIRPA), courses it offered, and the prospects of cooperation between SIRPA and DoHSS. HSS faculty members also exchanged views with Prof Guo and enquired about SISU’s various schools.

The students also had an audience with Prof. Bhaskar Ramamurthi, Director of IIT Madras and Prof. R Nagarajan, Dean, International & Alumni Relations. The students shared their experience of visiting India (Chennai being their window to India) and sitting-in on classes (IIT being the window to the Indian education ecosystem), and expressed a desire for such visits to be regularized.



In the picture: Prof. Bhaskar Ramamurthi, Director, IIT Madras; Prof. R Nagarajan, Dean, International & Alumni Relations; Prof. Malathy Duraisamy, Head, HSS department, Prof Muraleedharan V R, Dr Solomon Benjamin, Dr Joe Thomas Karackattu with Prof Guo and the visiting students.

Of course, beyond the classes there was time for visiting places of interest and shopping!

The visit concluded with a ‘Students symposia’ where students from both sides made formal presentations on topics ranging from India-China relations, China’s role as a responsible power, to the dynamics of the BRICS grouping.


It is hoped that such exchanges would become a regular feature for students from both sides to understand each other better, and to improve the Area studies offering at HSS through collaborative research, student & faculty exchange, and other outreach efforts.