Athira Anand


Athira Anand is a PhD Scholar, China Studies Centre, IIT Madras, working with Dr.Joe Thomas Karackattu. She has an M.A in Political Science from University of Calicut, Kerala. Athira has completed Intermediate level in Mandarin  in Shanghai school of International Affairs, Shanghai,China.

Current Research:

Currently she is working on India-China Relations.


Ambedkar and Modernity: A study based on “Annihilation of Caste”- ISDA Journal- October-December 2016- Vol 26. Number 4.

Online Publication:

Seeing justice through Ambedkar’s eyes, Forward Press, August 4, 2017

Paper Presentations:

A G Frank’s ‘The Development of the Underdevelopment” critical analysis on western centric sustainable development- International Conference on Globalization and Sustainable Development: Quest for a New Paradigm.

Anand, Athira. (2018). Disaster Preparedness and Resilience: Providing Scientific and Technical Safety to Vietnam (S. Sinha & S. Trivedi, Eds.). In Emerging Horizons in India-Vietnam Relations (pp. 167-177). New Delhi: Pentagon Press.

Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act’s Inclusivity upon Tribal Customs: A case study on Paniya Tribe in Kerala- National Seminar on Inclusion of the Socially excluded: role of tri-sector.

Areas of Interest:                                                                                     

  • Disaster Preparedness and Resilience
  • Diplomacy
  • Modernity Theory
  • Maritime Relations
  • International Relations



Athira Anand

Research Student (China Studies Centre)

Research Guide: Dr. Joe Thomas Karackattu