Ashna Joy

Ashna Joy is a PhD scholar at China Studies Centre, IIT Madras, working with Dr. Joe Thomas Karackattu. She holds an MPhil in Defence and Strategic Studies from Madras University. Ashna has Four years of teaching experience. During her internship with Institute of Social Science, New Delhi, she worked on a Research Paper titled “India’s foreign policy in South Asia with special focus on India and Nepal”.

Current Research:

India China Relations

Online Publication:

Is China being aggressive with India? A case study on Doklam, Ashna Joy, International Affair Forum

Power Games in the South China Sea, Ashna Joy, International Affair Forum.

China will not give up its demands on India, Ashna Joy, Open Forum, South Asia Monitor, Nov 4 2017.


Areas of Interest:                                                                                     

  • Geo Politics
  • India China Relations
  • Security Studies
  • International Relations



Ashna Joy

Research Student (China Studies Centre)

Research Guide: Dr. Joe Thomas Karackattu