About the Centre


Brief On IITM China Studies Centre

The IITM China Studies Centre was established at IIT Madras in April 2011 with a view to creating an academic centre dedicated to a long-term study of China. The establishment of this Centre is in response to an urgent need felt in the academic, policy and strategic communities’ to come up with a dynamic enough framework that provides an understanding of contemporary China and its global role.

Scope Of The IITM CSC

The Centre envisions a comprehensive research programme encompassing the following broad areas 1. Domestic politics and social change in China. 2. China’s Current Foreign Policy Priorities and Security Environment. 3. Development Alternatives and Issues in China. 4. Technology, innovation and the social sector in China. 5. Economy in China: Global and Domestic factors and challenges.

Focus Areas

Within the above broad programme, in its formative years, the Centre will concentrate on developing research projects in the following areas: • Political Change and Restructuring in China, including the Party and the State, Centre-State Relations, Chinese Model for Governance and Public Policy; Chinese Nationalism and National Identity. • Innovation and social change in China; Public Sphere and the impact of ICTs on participation in China. • Prospects and Challenges for the Export-led Model in Industry, Changes in the Socialist Model and Integration with the Market-based Economy, Integration with the Global Economy and Sustainability, International Trade and Investment under the Socialist Market Economy, Development Alternatives, Infrastructure Development in China. • China’s Current Foreign Policy Priorities and Security Environment, Doctrine and Defence Technology, China’s Strategic Developments, China as a Regional Power. • Global Concerns and Chinese Responses; China, Tibet and Taiwan: Impact on Regional and Global Politics. China and India: Prospects for Cooperation, Competition and Conflict. CHINESE LANGUAGE The Centre would like to work extensively with Chinese language sources in its research and also encourage students to familiarize themselves with China through an understanding of Chinese language. With an aim to building Chinese Language expertise, the Centre currently offers an introductory course in the language to IITM students.


The Centre is especially keen on collaborative research with scholars working in the above areas who are either already working on these issues in China or would like to extend their current research interests in the above issues to China. For this, the Centre seeks participation from faculty in a wide range of disciplines from economics, sociology, political science, international relations and cultural studies. ACADEMIC POSITIONS AT IITM CSC Currently the Centre offers visiting faculty positions for Indian and foreign scholars for a period ranging from one semester (six months) to two years. These positions are open to scholars working on the above-mentioned issues in Chinese economy, society, politics and foreign policy. The Centre also offers short term visiting positions for foreign scholars working on China who would like to collaborate with faculty at IIT Madras.

Post Doctoral Fellowships

The Centre offers post-doctoral fellowships for a two-year period in its areas of focus. Candidates who have recently submitted or expect to submit their doctoral thesis within six month are eligible to apply.

Doctoral Programme

Currently the Centre welcomes doctoral research candidates to apply in the following areas of interest: Chinese Domestic Politics, Chinese Foreign Policy, China’s Security and Defence Policy, Technology, Innovation and Social Change in China, Energy and Environment in China, Healthcare in China. All doctoral candidates enrolled at the Centre are entitled a research fellowship on par with UGC JRF/SRF norms.

Contact Information

The Centre is located at the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences at the IITM.